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Plastic Injection Molding Machines for Sale

Injection Molding Equipment Sales

Ohio Precision Molding has teamed up with leading plastic machinery manufacturers and suppliers to be able to provide both new and used equipment for the injection molding, blow molding, and auxiliary equipment to support both processes.

Size Reduction Plastic Granulators

Ohio Precision Molding, Inc. has partnered with Rotogran International, Inc. to become a premier Rotogran granulator manufacturer representative.

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Rotogran Granulator Systems

Since 1982, Rotogran International, Inc. has manufactured granulators and closed loop granulating systems for the plastics and recycling industries. Rotogran provides single pass, high capacity granulators capable of reprocessing plastic scrap into valuable regrind regardless of its original shape or size.

Rotogran granulator systems are as reliable as they are durable and long lasting. No matter what your specific needs are, it has a dedicated team of engineers and designers that will help find a creative solution for all specific needs.

With hundreds of high quality granulator systems installed all around the world and thousands of tests performed, we have had the opportunity to perfect our product, Rotogran has established a solid base of expertise when it comes to granulators for all industrial applications including chemical and pharmaceutical needs. These high-tech granulators are easy to clean and operate.

Standard chamber sizes range from 8×8 inches to 44 x 65 inches. Throughput capabilities range from 200 to 10,000 lbs./hr.