Injection Molding Rapid Prototyping

Our plastic injection molding prototyping and rapid prototyping processes are designed for accelerated go to market strategies.

Ohio Precision Molding designs, develops and manufactures prototype plastic injection molds at a quality and precision level that does not require any modifications to a production design or material intent. Our plastic injection molding prototypes can be used to satisfy production requirements.

Rapid Prototyping Services 3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping Services

3D Printing Service – Plastic Injection Molding Prototyping
Our 3D printing service allows our customers an efficient way for proof of concept and scale-up to rapid prototyping which can be seamlessly phased into large volume manufacturing.

We utilize the uPrint SE Plus 3D printer with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling System) Technology to build in real ABSplus thermoplastic, creating models and functional prototypes that are durable, stable and accurate.

These 3D models are the basis of evaluation for form, fit and function in everything from ergonomics to manufacturing processes.

Advantages of 3D Printing for Mold Making and Prototypes

  • Very short lead-times, first article can be produced within days
  • Quick iterations during development
  • Injection production-grade thermoplastics; Supported production-grade thermoplastics are mechanically and environmentally stable.

Ohio Precision Molding offers 3D printing services and short production runs at affordable rates. We have the capability to help you every step of the way—from 3D CAD to 3D printing to injection molding sample manufacturing/small batch runs