Injection Molding Design Services

Plastic Injection Mold Design
We have engineers and designers involved in the design of injection molded plastic parts. Our team has significant experience with the many factors associated with plastic injection mold design and the parts that will be produced using an injection molding process.


Injection Mold Part Design Modeling Software
We utilize several different digital prototyping tools including:

  • 3D CAD solid modeling
  • 2d CAD
  • Moldflow

Injection Mold Design Company Ohio

Injection Molded Part Design Criteria
In order to design an injection molded part that meets your needs, our engineers help select an appropriate plastic material, develop a functional design, and work within the manufacturing limitations associated with the injection molding process.

Other Evaluation Points:

Strength, Function, Fit, Shrinkage, Ease of flow, Manufacturability, Reduction of secondary operations.

Plastic Injection Molding Material Selection
We have a great understanding of material behavior and selection, engineering design, manufacturing (moldability) considerations, prototyping, and stress analysis and assembly methods.

Plastic Injection Molding Custom Mold Making Services

  • Mold tooling, CNC machining capabilities
  • Mold materials